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Nichi-Asia Life Science Sdn. Bhd.


NiSCELL is the first Malaysian Cell Therapy Company focusing on the manufacturing process, development and clinical translation of the therapeutic programs based on Autologous (Patient own) and Allogeneic (off-the-shelf / ready in use) stem cells and Immunotherapy.

Niscell is committed to providing the latest clinical and scientific information through rigorous and thorough research. Our expertise engaged to create the next generation cellular treatment for significant unmet or poorly met medical need that will save and improve the lives.



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Promote Malaysia as a Global Centre of Excellence in the field of Immunotherapy and Stem Cell Research.


Embark through research and collaboration in the field of Immunotherapy and Stem Cells Therapy to Regenerate and Enhance the Health of Individuals to Manage the Impact of Aging, Degenerative Conditions, Organ Failure and Malignancies.

Core Strength

Manufacture Natural Killer (NK) Cells, Cytotoxic T-Lymphocytes (CTL) and Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC) in order to facilitate their effective use in basic and translational research as well as for future clinical applications.